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How to Get The Sporty Chic Look

When comfort is key, but a sweats won't do, try the "sporty chic" fashion trend. Here are some styling ideas from our favorite fashionistas.

Fashion Blogger Tara Reynolds

"I achieve the sporty chic look by mixing a little bit of Rocky with MC Hammer," says Tara.

She chooses a silky, print-on-print, tonal pajama-inspired pant with a flowy, yet tailored, feel. She adds a heather-gray, tailored sweat shirt and tucks in the front only. Instead of reaching for comfortable tennis shoes, she adds a Euro wedge sneaker. She finishes the outfit with a bright-colored, blingy statement necklace.

Stylist and Blogger Valerie Anderson

"I am obsessed with sporty chic. It's literally my favorite trend. It's the perfect combination of feminine touches and sports-inspired elements," says Valerie.

Valerie takes a pair of tailored track pants and pairs them with a coat that's a combination between a break-away cardigan and jacket. She adds a graphic tee, but says it can easily be switched out for a jersey or favorite sports team t-shirt.

To finish the look, she addes a few feminine touches, like a delicate, feminine necklace, her favorite beanie, and some caged, pointy-toe heels.

"Sporty chic is the perfect cheat for lazy day dressing. You don't have a think a whole lot. Just grab your joggers or your track pants and top it off with your t-shirt or your favorite sports team jersey. Pull it all together with some pointy-toe heels and that way you'll still have those feminine elements and touches," says Valerie.

Donae Chramosta, The Vintage Contessa

"The sporty trend is so much more than wearing your workout clothes all day," says Donae.

She incorporates sporty track pants with the stripe on the side. Her blouse, even though it's silk, has an inspired sporty look to it. So you can be really comfortable and be really fashionable, too.

For a little coverage, she added a jacket. The bomber is a great way to pull in a sporty look. The star of the look is a pair of studded, heeled sneakers!

Stylist and Fashion Blogger Karli Gillum

"While sporty style of the past has been really sports-specific, this year we're seeing a much flirtier and fun version," says Karli.

Karli chose a tangerine romper, which she says is flirty, fun, and isn't restrictive like a dress. To add a touch of sophistication to my look, she added a colorful blazer.

"The perfect way to complete this sporty look is with a statement-making pair of tennies. I chose these pink Keds as a nod to my sportier day running around on the playground. Plus, they bring the whole look together, bringing in the colors of the blazer and romper," says Karli.

"To me, sporty says functional," she says. "It's all about mixing the highs and lows. So take a dressy dress and throw on some tennis shoes with it, maybe even a baseball cap, but either way, just have fun."

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