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How To Wear Boho Fashion Trend This Fall

Most of us think the casual, carefree Boho fashion trend is just for summer. However, if you love it, rock it all year long! Here's how to do haute hippie in cooler weather.

Fashion blogger and stylist Karli Gillum says, "This season, Boho revival is a far cry from the flower-wearing hippies of the sixties. It's more of an urban chic. Think rock and roll with a bit of earthy edge."

She says the key is making the look individual and unique. For example, mix two pieces that you normally wouldn't put together.

Here are some other outfit ideas:

  • A great layering piece is a dress made of thin fabric. Nude is a great color and look for accents like crochet. Add a swing cardigan in warm neutrals, a mid-calf bootie, and natural-inspired accessories.
  • Start with a feather-print poncho blouse. Then, pair it with high-waist bell bottom pants and suede boots. For accessories, try a scarf necklace with a natural stone pendant. Top it off with a felt hat!
  • Try a flowy kimono-inspired top and scarf. Pair it with stretchy skinny jeans and suede booties.
  • Earthy tones don't have to be dull! Try a mustard-colored dress (great for warmer skin tones). For fun, add a gold head piece and furry faux fur vest.
  • Karli says when you're styling your Boho look remember the basics, "Think crochet, beading, fringe. You also want to look for fabrics like distressed leather and suede. Plus, add accessories, accessories, accessories."
You can also use your hair as an accessory! Here are some tips from hairstylist Brittany Landreth:

Boho Waves:

  • Grab a pretty big section of hair. If your section is too small, it's going to look like you're going to the prom!
  • Put your curling iron in the center of the section and roll it away from the face. Leave about an inch of the ends out of the heat.
  • Let the hair heat up for at least 30 seconds, release the hair and let it cool. It's just as important to let it cool as it is to warm it up!
  • After the hair is completely cool, lean your head back and finger comb through the hair. This gives the hair the effortless beach wave. You don't want it to look like you spent a lot of time on it!
Fabric-Embellished Side Braid:
  • A really great way to accessorize your hair is to add fabric.
  • Tie a thin strip of fabric around a small section of hair at the scalp.
  • Then, incorporate the fabric strips into a classic braid.
  • When you get to the end, take the rest of the fabric and wrap it around the bottom of the braid to secure it, leaving about an inch of your hair out.
  • Karli Gillum
    Personal Stylist/Fashion Blogger

    Brittany Landreth

    Special thanks to Carrie Ann Boutique.

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