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How Much Product Should I Use?

When you apply a beauty product, do you think about how much you're using? Could it be too much of a good thing, or maybe it's not enough?

"In order for products to really do the trick you need to know how much to apply. That's half the battle," says beauty expert Rebekah George. She says if you're not careful some of your favorite products can actually backfire. Not to mention the fact that you may be overspending.

Here's how much you should be using:

Retinol products: pea size
Since it's so concentrated any more can cause irritation.

Serums: pea size
They're strong, so specifically treat the spot you're targeting and no more.

Eye Cream: blueberry size
Too much can cause puffiness and little bumps. Use a half of a blueberry size under each eye.

Foundation: large blueberry size
Foundation is meant for coverage of discolored areas, not to mask your entire face. Too much will look cakey.

Facial Moisturizers: quarter size
If your cream contains anti-aging ingredients, it can cause redness and irritation if you use too much or have sensitive skin.

Sunscreen: quarter size for face, shot glass amount for body
Most people don't use enough! Use as much as you can rub into your skin for ultimate protection.

Hair Conditioner: quarter size
If your hair is dry, apply from root to ends. If not, mid-shaft to ends will do. Too much can actually weight your hair down.

Mousse: golf ball size
Too much mousse will not give you bigger hair; it can actually weigh your hair down!

Hair Serums and Waxes: dime size
Too much can make your hair look dirty. The opposite of the look you're going for!

For more information:
Rebekah George, beauty expert and video blog host

Special thanks to Beautique Salon

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