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Hormones and Anti-Aging

Want younger looking skin? Who doesn't! Meet the sister team that says it's all about hormones on the inside and outside that count.

Doctor Rebecca Booth says hormones tend to get a bad rap.

"Often women think, in terms of their hormones, in a negative way. But actually our hormones are meant to reflect our inner beauty. So, early on a woman will notice certain times of the month after puberty her skin doesn't look its best. And actually that's on purpose, in some ways, to have other days reflect a more natural glow. It's subtle, but it's nature's way of saying she's fertile or she's off duty. And as we age this impact becomes more significant," she says.

It's an idea that her sister Cecil Booth, who spent years in the beauty industry, also didn't realize.

"Well, you're very lucky when you have a sister who's a gynecologist for one. But it was in a conversation between two sisters that I understood the role of estrogen in particular in making us more beautiful& For many years in the industry we've heard about UV and chronological aging but what no one's talking about is the role of hormonal aging and that is probably the number one way as women that we age," Cecil says.

So together they created an anti-aging skincare line called VENeffect that provides phytoestrogen - or plant-derived estrogen - back into the skin from the outside in.

But the duo says there are other little things we can do at every age to slow down hormonal aging.

Teens and 20's:

  • Focus on hormonal balance while hormones are soaring.
  • For spot blemish control, calamine lotion can be an overnight solution. It isn't as drying as other treatments.
  • During the day, blotting papers keep skin unclogged.
  • Focus on nutrition to keep hormones in balance  watch sugar intake.
  • Focus on healthier foods like plant proteins, also multivitamins.

20's and 30's:

  • Women begin to peak in their hormonal vitality at age 27, then begin a subtle decline.
  • Focus on starting an intensive regimen to help with skin. Look for an anti-aging line that deals with the signs of aging and maintains and stimulates collagen.
  • Look for a moisturizer that works with your skin and has an SPF of at least 15. Use it every day whether you're in the sun or not.
  • This is a great time to start exfoliating.
  • Another fabulous way to get great skin is simply to exercise.

30's and 40's:

  • As we approach forty, we start to actually see the signs of aging.
  • A great product to start using in this age range is an eye treatment.
  • Another way to get the glow is to use a bronzer and self-tanner. It gives you a glow without any of the damaging effects of the sun.
  • Vitamin D is essential for good collagen health. When a woman is low in vitamin d it'll be reflected in her skin.
  • Another easy lubricant that's good for skin, as well as eyes, is omega-3.

50's and beyond...

  • In the fifties and beyond, mother nature has a plan for what dr. Booth calls "planned ovarian retirement".
  • Hormones levels change, so skin's appearance changes.
  • Add a serum to your regimen and use it before the rest of your skin routine. Then use an anti-aging moisturizer.
  • Dot on an eye treatment, and also a lip treatment.
  • Doctor Booth suggests adding probiotics to your diet (healthy bacteria supplements that women can find in health food stores that are fabulous for pH balance in the skin)
  • Don't underestimate the benefits of& chocolate! Dr. Booth recommends a diet high in dark chocolate, loaded with polypheonols (no more than an ounce or two a day)

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