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Hollywood Glam Makeup

Nothing says old Hollywood glamour like a cat eye and bright red lips. Makeup artist David Hernandez with Make Up For Ever shares his five favorite ways to look like a starlet.

Tip #1: Cat Eyes
To create a cat eye, most women tend to line in a sweeping motion working from the inside of the lash line going out. This will often result in a shaky line and uneven tail. To avoid this, imagine that you are breaking your eye into three sections right corner, left corner, and side crease. Then take the liner and line it up with your eye crease. Place it at the corner crease and pull down to the bottom line. Then fill in the right corner and left corner in two applications and meet in the middle.

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Tip #2: Red Lips
We have a tendency to want to line our lips by starting at one end and lining in a counter clockwise motion and then returning to the initial spot. When you do this you will notice that your upper lips won't look symmetrical. To avoid this mistake your top lip should always be lined in an upward motion from both sides and then meet in the middle. The bottom lip should be downward motion meeting in the middle. Also, make sure to use concealer around the lip to ensure a crisp clean line.

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Tip #3: Cakey Foundation
When looking for full coverage most women tend to cake on their foundation, which actually highlights the flaws. The main reason these products look cakey is either they are using the wrong foundation or too much foundation. The goal is for your foundation to complement your skin and leave your skin still looking like skin. Although using a primer may seem to be another layer that would add to heaviness, it's actually crucial to prep your skin to keep in moisture. Then apply your foundation while skin is still moist to allow a more natural, but flaw-covering look.

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Tip #4: Blush
Blush is important especially when you are trying to achieve a contoured look, a fresh look or both. For a fresh look, it's just a light touch on the cheek bone which lines up with the outer corners of the eye. For a sleeker contoured look, you will need a contouring color and a highlight. Choose a slightly darker shade as your contour, and then highlight with a light color. Finish by blending the two together. If you want both the fresh and contoured look, follow the contoured rule with the dark shade and then just give a light touch to your cheekbones using a light shade as you do for the fresh look.

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Tip #5: Mascara/Faux Lashes
All women want long, thick, full lashes, but without proper instruction they tend to end up with clumpy scary lashes. When it comes to mascara two coats should be the rule. If two coats on your lashes doesn't create the desired look, it's time to move to false lashes.

There are two options individuals and the strip. Individuals are intended to fill in the gaps and to make fluffy. A strip is for a quick, all-across look - either drama or very natural. When applying lashes it truly is all about having patience. For strip lashes, always select a lash that either complements your natural lashes shape or complements the shape of the makeup. Apply lashes at inner corners first, press and hold with finger while using your other hand to pull the lash strip down to the lash line. Try using a tweezer to get really close. Use your finger to gently tap the lash into place and to lift them up a little to open the eyes while the glue is drying. Blend your lashes with the faux lashes by applying mascara either before or after. For extra "wow" factor, stack to two faux lashes together either the same style or two complementary styles to customize. Beautiful fluffy or dramatic lashes will always look better than seven coats of clumpy lashes.

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