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Holiday Spa DIY Gifts

Gifts from the heart are often made with our hands. Salon Owner Rachel Gower has some DIY spa gifts that you can make yourself for less than $10!


  • Mix 3 cups Epsom salt and 2 cups sea salt.
  • Separate salt into four different bowls
  • Add 3-5 drops essential oil of choice to each. We like peppermint.
  • Add a different color food coloring to three of the four bowls and mix well. Leave one white.
  • Grab a funnel, place it into a thin, narrow jar, and layer the colors, as you prefer.
  • Close container and tie with ribbon


  • Mix together 4 cups of water, 1/3 cup of liquid glycerin, and 1/3 cup of castile soap.
  • Add five to ten drops essential oil of choice
  • Mix gently with a whisk
  • Pour slowly into glass container
  • Add one drop food coloring to each container.
  • Close container, turn upside down once to mix dilute color.
  • Tie with ribbon.


  • Lay out four bowls and add one scoop of salt to each bowl
  • Add four tablespoons jojoba oil to all bowls except one.
  • The salt that you keep white, add one tablespoon coconut oil (so that the salt doesn't discolor)
  • Add a different color food coloring (as much as you like) to each of the salt mixtures with jojoba oil.
  • Grab a jar. Cover the bottom with the first layer - use a colored salt for first layer. Pack down the layer with a flat container. To anchor this layer, pour jojoba oil on top.
  • Then, add the next layer of salt. Pack down this layer with a flat container (make sure to clean off container between layers so the salt colors don't mix).
  • Continue this process using different colors of salt until the jar is full.
  • Tie jar with ribbon.

Rachel Gower
Owner - The Upper Hand Salon

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