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Holiday Hostess with the Mostess

Want to be the holiday hostess with the mostess? Here are a few tips to make your party pure perfection!

What to Wear:

(tips from Denise Hazen, Co-Owner, Cheeky Vintage)

  • Don't answer the door in an old BBQ apron! Wear an apron that's feminine and stylish to set the tone for your guests.
  • Don't wear a dress that's too tight, low cut, short, has flowy sleeves that could get in the way or a loose neckline that you're always pulling. Wear something comfortable for mingling, serving, stooping, reaching and greeting.
  • For something truly unique that no one else at your party will be wearing, try vintage!
  • Don't wear high heels that you can't walk in. Wear tried and true comfortably chic shoes  but no tennis shoes!


(tips from Darcie Teasley, Make-Up Artist)

  • Don't forget the primer to make sure your make-up stays put all night.
  • Ben Nye's translucent powder is Darcie's favorite for setting make-up.
  • Use a lip stain instead of lipstick. It'll last longer without re-applying.
  • Waterproof mascara isn't for every day, but Darcie suggests using it for special occasions when you need your lashes to last.
  • To keep eye liner in place, start with a waxy pencil liner then layer powder eye shadow in the same color on top of it.
  • Use self-tanner on your face for a healthy, year-round "non-makeup" glow.

Party Hair Ideas:

(tips from Tamika Fletcher, Co-Owner, Natural Resources Salon)

  • Your hair should be the centerpiece, not the entrée!
  • Don't let hair fall into your guests' food.
  • Keep hair swept up and out of your face (and the food!) in a high bun or braid.
  • Watch the video above for two cute how-to styles.

Dress Your Table:

(tips from Kristen Hilyard, Lifestyle Expert)

  • It can be easy and inexpensive to dress up your party table.
  • Start by covering your table in gift wrap. It's inexpensive and makes for easy clean-up.
  • Wrap a couple of various-sized boxes in the same paper to add height and levels throughout the table.
  • Add mirrors from throughout your house to the table for refection. You can also repurpose them as food serving trays.
  • Layer a strand of lights and wide mesh ribbon around the table to add light.
  • Add personalization! Use chalkboard paint and chalk to personalize glasses and wine bottles.
  • Add glitter! Gather long sticks from the yard, paint with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Add them to a vase for height and sparkle!

More information:

Denise Hazen
Co-Owner, Cheeky Vintage

Darcie Teasley
Make-Up Artist

Tamika Fletcher
Co-Owner, Natural Resources Salon

Kristen Hilyard
Lifestyle Expert

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