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Holiday Hair

Don't let your hair add to your holiday stress! Salon owner Trey Gillen has quick styles that you can do at-home before the party or the pictures.

Spiral Ponytail:
  • Smooth your hair into a sleek, low side ponytail and secure with a rubber band.
  • Wrap a piece of hair around the rubber band to hide it.
  • Spray hair with shine spray and/or hairspray.
  • Use a curling iron to curl small even sections of the hair in your ponytail.
  • Toss the curls with your fingers (you can leave the curled ponytail like this, or continue to the next step).
  • Use a brush to help twist the ponytail into one long spiral.
  • Spray with hairspray and go!
Double Headband Half Up 'Do:
  • Tease the hair at your crown if you need extra volume.
  • Brush the front of your hair back and gather it like you would for a half up style. Secure with bobby pins or a clip.
  • Pin a store-bought "hair braid" headband to cover the pins or clip you just used. For a dressier look, layer a second headband right behind that one.
  • Hide the bottom part of the headbands underneath a few layers of hair so you can't see it.
  • Hairspray to secure
New Year's Eve Pompadour:
  • Tease, tease, tease the top section of your hair from front to back (but not the sides).
  • Brush back the top layers of hair for a high, but smooth look.
  • Use shape paste (a lot) to smooth back the sides of your hair with a comb. Use a hair dryer to set the hair.
  • Comb the ends of the hair into place (wherever you want them to be). Hairspray in place!
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