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Help for Thinning Hair

Help for Thinning Hair

Is losing your hair making you lose sleep? Try these hair growing and hair thickening solutions!

"Hair loss is a real issue. About 35-million women in America suffer from some sort of hair loss," says salon owner Rachel Gower.

Whether it's from life changes, stress, an illness or genetics, it obviously affects men as well.

"With women it's more emotional. With men I think there's a little bit of pride involved. But in either case, it's still hard to face," says salon owner Tamika Fletcher.

So, Rachel and Tamika offer these possible means to rejuvenate hair growth.

  • Internal Factors
    - Diet
    - Vitamins (add multi-mineral, biotin, essential fatty acids and pre-combined hair/skin/nail formulas to your regimen with a doctor's consent)
  • Topical Treatments(either vitamin-based or minoxidil-based)
    - Favorite line system is called Revita System, from DS Laboratories
  • Revita System will help with general hair loss and scalp health
  • If you need an extra boost, there are three serums to choose from
    1. Spectral RS (moderate), for people with evenly distributed hair loss, as well as anyone pregnant, nursing, or taking high blood pressure medicine
    2. Spectral DNC (more aggressive, contains minoxidil), for a men beginning to lose their hair or womenn further in the process
    3. Spectral DNC-L (extremely aggressive), for men with total or almost-total hair loss, wakes up the hair follicles to regrow hair
    - If you have fine hair and are experiencing some hair loss due to stress, you might want to start with Nioxin (shampoo, conditioner, serum, or in-salon treatment)
  • Electronic Treatments
    - Low-Light Laser Therapy ($200 to $300 per month, in salons)
    -HairMax Laser Comb ($545, use at home)
  • Volumizing Styling Products - Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner from Avalon Organics - Miximista Thickening Spray from ORIBE - Keratin Hair Fibers for Thinning Fair from XFusion, magnetized fibers that you sprinkle on in a powder

"Be proactive as soon as you notice the hair fall out," Tamika says. "Your hair is a blueprint to what could be happening internally, so hair loss is always something to pay attention to."

For more information:

Revita System by DS Laboratories
HairMax Laser Comb
XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers

Rachel Gower, owner
The Upper Hand Salon

Tamika Fletcher, co-owner
Natural Resources Salon

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