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Hats, gloves and scarves aren't just to bundle up! Here's how to add them to your winter wardrobe and all year long!

Vintage boutique owners Denise Hazen and Tina Davis say you don't have to spend a lot to make a big impact.

"What I love about hats, gloves and scarves is that they can completely transform an outfit," says Denise.

Tina adds, "It's true. You can have a wardrobe that you can really spruce up inexpensively by buying one or two hats."

Here are their tips for these fabulous accessories:

  • Make sure that your hat is pulled down far enough onto your head. If you don't, it looks like you have a top hat on and doesn't look stylish.

  • Some people have problems when they're wearing a fascinator. They put it on the top of their head, or they put it in the back of their head. It's really meant to wear cocked to the side. It gives it a little bit of attitude that way.

  • It's okay to position your pillbox hat on the back of your head, to the side, or top. See what looks best on you.

  • Try sprucing up a hat by adding a brooch!

  • If you're petite, don't wear an extra wide brimmed hat. It'll overpower you.

  • Be crevative and wear your scarf as a halter top, a muffler, a belt, or tied as an accessory on your handbag!

  • Use a hat and/or gloves to transform your LBD (little black dress)!

  • Don't be afraid to mix textures and pattern. A hat in felt, jacket in cotton, and purse in brocade (for example) would all work together!

  • With gloves, either show a lot of skin (elbow length with a sleeveless dress) or none at all (elbow length gloves with a three-quarter length sleeve), but do not wear wrist length gloves with sleeveless or three-quarter length sleeves.

  • Don't hesitate to wear (non-satin) elbow length gloves during the day!

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