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Hang, Fold, Store

Is your closet ruining your clothes? Stylist Wendy Norwood-Patterson says there are specific rules for what you should hang, fold and store.

  • Use ONE type of hanger to keep your closet looking uniform.
  • Fabric or foam covered hangers keep clothes from slipping off.
  • Use double sided tape to keep clothes from slipping off wooden hangers.
  • Hang blouses, dresses, skirts, pants and scarves.
  • Keep the top button closed when hanging button-up clothes to keep the collar crisp.
  • Never keep clothes inside a plastic dry cleaning bag. It traps chemicals. Keep them hanging freely or use a garment bag.
  • If a dress or shirt comes with hanger straps attached, use them! Don't cut them off.
  • Use a foam packing sleeve to cover the top of beaded dresses. Just cut a hole for the hanger.
  • When using clip hangers, place a small piece of tissue paper between the clip and the fabric to keep indentions off the fabric.
  • Hang pants by the waistband, by the bottom hem or folded in half.
  • Fold knits, t-shirts and sweaters because hangers can stretch them out.
  • Fold jeans neatly in piles and place on a shelf for easy access. Be sure to stack each style (skinny, boot cut, etc.) in separate piles.
  • Use a shirt box lid (with taped edges) as a folding board for perfect, uniform folds every time.
  • Fold delicate knits like silk with tissue paper tucked inside.
  • Fold nubby knit sweaters then wrap the outside in tissue paper to keep them from getting snagged.
  • Store out-of-season clothes in a hanging or stand-alone garment bag, plastic bins or vacuum storage bags.
  • To keep clothes smelling fresh while stored away, put a sachet or cedar block in the container.
  • If you live in a humid climate or your closet is located near the bathroom, try a moisture control tool like Damp Rid to keep moisture and mildew away.
  • If you have extra closet space, try hanging boots instead of letting them flop over on the floor (special hangers required).
  • Protect suede shoes in plastic see-through shoes boxes.
  • Protect purses in dust covers or pillow cases.
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