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Handbags for Body Types

Handbag styles are no different than clothing styles. Certain shapes look best on certain body types.

Handbag Designer Elaine Turner says petite women should not carry large bags. It makes them look like the bag is carrying them. Instead, petite women should look for bags with a short shoulder. The bag will lie higher so it gives the illusion that you are taller.

For tall women, Elaine recommends a top handle mid to large size satchel bag. It creates an illusion of a focal point so it breaks up the taller silhouette.

Curvy figure might want to try the cross-body shape bag. It rests at the hips and conceals curves.

Elaine's final handbag tip is don't be afraid of color. It's more versatile than you think. "If you have a raspberry bag, everyone is going to come up to you and say, 'Where'd you get that bag? I love the color!' She says people respond to color. It makes them happy.

For more information about Elaine Turner, handbag designer, visit www.elaineturner.com.

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