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Hair Stylist Favorite Products

Stylist superstars let us in on secret hair products that provide just-left-the-salon results at home.

Salon Owner Rachel Gower says, "All women agree that their hair looks fabulous when they leave the salon, but it's so hard to recreate when you get home." So, her team of stylists share their favorite products and tools, so you can be a superstar at home!
  • Soft Color by Goldwell can be used in the salon or at home. It helps if someone is trying to color their hair from light to dark. It can also be used as a maintenance product in-between professional color services to keep hair looking bright and shiny.
  • KMS Hairstay Anti-humidity Seal works on all hair types and can be used as a finishing product or before heat tools. If using as a finishing product, mist over hair to hold hair in place, keep humidity frizz at bay, and add shine. Use before heat tools as a heat protector and to help add smoothness.
  • Teasing Brush works to build volume. Start teasing two inches from hairline or behind bangs. Lift up section, comb down at about three inches from scalp. Comb down three to four times. Then tease sides and brush.
  • Shu Uemura Depsea Spray is a product that will equalize your porosity, or the level a product will absorb in your hair. It helps set the foundation for your hair style. After using this, you'll get the full benefits of the product you apply after.
  • De Fabulous Curling Iron makes curling your hair a cinch. Put the iron in the middle of the piece of hair and use your thumb and just twist. For best results, go in opposite directions. That way, your curl will look natural. If it looks too curly, just pull on the hair after removing the iron. It will loosen the curl.
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