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Hair Sewing

Hairstylists today are channeling their inner seamstresses with a needle and thread!

David Bamford, owner of Therapy Hair Studio, isn't a fan of bobby pins.

"All of us have been in a wedding and, you know, come midnight everyone's hair is coming un-done and with bobby pins you're limited as what you can do. So, if you stitch [the hair] up you can create these ridiculous shapes that you couldn't achieve any other way," he says.

He's referring to the new trend of hair sewing, made easy with a kit from Kevin Murphy, or a plastic needle and thick thread from the craft store.

"Hair sewing is a technique which takes the place of bobby pins. So, what you're going to do is sew the hair in place, secure it so that way it's more comfortable, it lasts longer and you can't see any pins. It's faster than the typical up-do, lasts twice as long and costs about the same," he adds.

First, thread the needle and tie a knot so the thread won't slip out. Then, tease the top layers of hair, twist it and push it into the shape you want. Then, start sewing the hair like you would with fabric. For a softer look, add more pieces from the sides as you sew them in.

David says girls with curls usually have a hard time putting their hair up with bobby pins because the pins pop out. So, hair sewing is a great option.

The process can even be used to tie up small sections of hair, like bangs.

Removing a sewn-in style takes minutes. Snip the thread in a few places, being careful not to cut the hair, and unravel the thread from the hair by pulling it out.

"I really think the sewing up thing is such a cool modern approach to putting hair up. You get a softer, cooler look which is more wearable and you have an element of difference to it so it creates a bit of a buzz which everyone wants to be a part of something cool," David says.

For more information:
David Bamford, owner
Therapy Hair Studio

Kevin Murphy STITCH.ME.UP kit -- http://kevinmurphy.com.au

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