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Hair Color Questions Answered

Whether you color your hair or you're thinking about it, you probably have questions. Celebrity colorist Jason Backe has solutions.

QUESTION: What is the best way to hide my roots between color treatments?
JASON SAYS: Women are always looking for a way to prolong their hair color and there are a couple of things that you can do that are really easy. One is switch your part a little bit. Try a zig-zag part. It will diffuse the line of demarcation and make your hair color last a week or two longer.

Another thing, get a head band or a scarf. Right now it's totally on point to wear chic hair accessories. Scarves, head bands, jewels, whatever you can pop into your hair to kind of camouflage that new growth is going to be great.

QUESTION: How do I prevent my hair color from fading?
JASON SAYS: There are a couple of really easy tips that you can do to keep your hair color from fading. The first one is keep it under wraps. If you're playing outside, if you're going to the beach, you want to make sure that you have a scarf on your head, that you're wearing a hat and that you're sitting underneath an umbrella. Think about the same things that you would do to protect your skin from the sun and implement those to protect your hair color.

Find a shampoo that will actually help to preserve the color and not wash it away. So, in the words or the descriptors on the packaging look for: color protecting, resist fading. All of those kinds of things are going to help to give your hair color longevity.

The less you shampoo, the longer your hair color is going to last. When you do shampoo, rinse with cool water. It's going to help seal down the cuticle, keep your hair shiny, and keep that hair color locked in your hair.

QUESTION: I've heard that as I get older I should color my hair lighter. Is that true?
JASON SAYS: I think it's an old myth that as you get older you should go lighter. I think what's really important is to keep in mind that as you get older you want to keep your hair color looking soft. So, instead of a single process (one color from roots to end) you might want to add a couple of highlights to give it a little bit of soft dimension and variation. It's going to brighten up your skin. It's going to soften any lines that you may be are getting as you get older and it's just going to help to keep you looking youthful and fresh.

QUESTION: I always wonder how to prevent brassiness in my hair.
JASON SAYS: "Brassy" is any unwanted yellow, orange or gold tones in your hair. So, as you're shampooing, as you're playing outside, as you're heat styling, the color has a tendency to start to oxidize.

There are a couple of things that you can do. One, make sure that you are using great product all of the time. I love INOA from L'Oreal Professional because it has no ammonia. When there's no ammonia, the cuticle isn't open as far and it allows the tone to last longer.

Another thing is pop into the salon for a gloss. It's a great way to freshen your hair color in between color services. It will neutralize any unwanted red, yellow or orange tones to keep your hair neutral and soft looking. Plus, it's a great reason to get a blow out before a date or a big event!

A great tip to control brassiness at home in between color services is to pick up products that have a violet base. The violet color will actually deposit on the surface of your hair and help to neutralize any yellow tones that you don't want to see.

QUESTION: My colorist never gets my hair color right. What can I say to make sure s/he gets it right?
JASON SAYS: The number one rule in getting your hair color right is building a great relationship with your hair stylist. Bring in pictures - a time in your life when you loved your hair color, a time in your life where you hated your hair color, etc. It's also not a bad idea to bring in pictures of celebrities. Your colorist then can go from all of these different images and help create the perfect look for you.

If you're in a situation where you get your hair dried after the color service and you less than love it. My recommendation is to make sure that you are a hundred percent honest with the colorist. Any colorist that's worth his or her salt is going to change it for you. Because it's our job to make sure that you love it and then you leave the salon and tell everyone how much you love the work we did for you.

QUESTION: Should we match our hair color to our natural color as a child?
JASON SAYS: I love that question! My answer is if you liked your hair as a child, then go ahead and match it, but if you didn't then that's not a good place to go.

For more information:
Jason Backe, colorist

Special thanks to Azur West Salon

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