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Hair Accessory Ideas

Hair Accessory Ideas

If you love hair accessories, you know they're an easy way to dress your tresses. If you rarely use them, you're missing out on some split-second glam!

"Hair accessories right now are fabulous because they're really reflecting what's on the runway," says Rachel Gower, owner of The Upper Hand salon.

Rachel shares the latest trends in hair accessory fashion:


  • Add a metallic hair accessory to something really elaborate to make your hair high fashion.
  • For a fresh, off the runway look, top a fishtail braid with a Grecian inspired headband.
  • For high-style, try a feathered fedora. Most people think of this as a man's style, but it was actually created for women.
  • Hair chalking is a really simple, creative idea.
  • First, get some soft pastels from your local art store.
  • Then, put a little thought into what your color scheme should be.
  • Once you've selected your colors and your sections, pick up a small section of hair, spray it with a little water and then just apply chalk right on the hair.
  • Tip on Adding Colors: When it comes to adding colors, Rachel suggests all bright colors are all soft colors, but don't mix!
Using Textures:
  • One of the popular trends with hair accessories is using lots of texture. This is exotic skins, leather, faux fur and even lace. This is a great way to take a basic outfit, add a really cool accessory and make it look really current.
  • Lace hair accessories are some of the easiest to use and they're really neat because you can layer them.
Mixing it Up:
  • Another popular trend in hair accessories right now is what Rachel calls "glam rock". It marries the super-high fashionista with rocker chick. Glam rock accessories usually combine a couple of different elements. So, you might have a satin with a metal, or even studs.
  • Another trend in hair accessories right now is romance. These are really beautiful soft fabrics, soft colors, small patterns, some bows and some flowers.
Things to Remember:
  • Keep everything understated.
  • For layered looks using several small accessories, you don't want to have one single flower or bow that bigger than a compact.
  • Bows can be a great accessory, but be careful not to put it directly on top of your head.
  • It's important to remember that for most hair accessories you don't need a particular hair style, length or texture. Pretty much any type of hair will work.
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