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HD Makeup

Cameras today, including phones and video, take high definition pictures in one quick click. Here's how to always look your best!

"HD - think of it this way: It's like being face to face with someone, but not. So, it's three times as close, three times the clarity, so think about three times the imperfections. It's freaking women out because the quality of makeup has to change to compliment the HD camera," says Smashbox makeup artist Lori Taylor.

Here are her tips for HD makeup perfection:

  • Makeup has to be more natural. It has to be light-weight. It has to cover longer. It has last longer. It has to be much more pigment rich and pigment dense but it has to be traceless, and that is so difficult to do.
  • Start with primer. Think of primers as skincare. If you can create flawless skin before you put makeup on, it's going to look better. Your makeup is going to last longer, and it's going to look better.
  • Next, use an HD foundation. A good thing to use when applying your foundation is a brush because it will leave a light layer. We want to wear makeup. We just don't want to see makeup.
  • The easiest way to get a refreshed look and take years off of your face is to fill in your brows. Think of them as the frame for any type of eye makeup you're going to do. Feather it in until you get the right shade.
  • Next, eye lid primer and shadow. I love high def trios because anything that is matte is a little more forgiving than anything that's frosty. Also, pat it on. Don't swipe it on.
  • Next, blush. I like to use a neutrally toned cheek color. Again, high def is all about neutrally tones and start high on your cheek bone.
  • Finish the look with lip color and mascara.

Makeup is just three-quarters of the high def battle. Here are a few other tips to looking HD fabulous:

  • Avoid harsh overhead lighting and windows because they can cast dark shadows on your face.
  • The camera has a hard time focusing on white and bright colors, so muted colors and blues are most flattering.
  • Don't sit too close to the monitor because that's never flattering.
  • The higher the quality of the internet connection, the higher the quality of your video.
  • When taking a photo, indirect lighting or outdoors on a cloudy day or at dusk is best.
  • Your photo will look most flattering when taken from above.
  • Be relaxed and have fun, because that will always help achieve picture perfection.

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Lori Taylor
Makeup Artist - Smashbox

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