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What if you could glide your way to a better body? Well, now you can with these glider exercises!

It looks like a Frisbee. It's less than $15. It's a no impact workout. Yet fitness trainer JC Guidry says don't be deceived!

"Actually, it's a little more challenging than the typical exercises. It makes you engage more muscles that you typically would not use doing the standard exercise," he says.

Here are a few to try:

The Pike

  • Step down on the gliders and get in a prone position (an extended arm push-up position)
  • Keep the abs and core tight
  • Drag your hips up to the ceiling and then back to that position
  • Repeat
Plyo Alligator
  • This is a variation of a plank
  • Get in a plank position (elbows or hands, elbows are more advanced)
  • From this position, bring your legs apart and back together
  • Repeat
  • You're working the core, but also the thighs and glutes
Body Drag
  • Start in the prone position
  • Walk with your hands, dragging the entire body behind you
  • This exercise works the shoulders and arms, but also the core
Hip Lifts
  • Get into a sit-up position with your heels on the gliders
  • Flex your glutes and lift them off the ground, pressing through your shoulders and heels
  • Draw your feet as close into hips and put them out and draw them back in, flexing the hamstrings.
  • Keep the quads and glutes tight. Drawn them back in.
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