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Get Perfect Curls

Want to make waves with your hair this season? Here's how to get perfectly constructed curls, no matter your hair type!

"A lot of the most beautiful styles that we're seeing right now involve curl or wave of some kind. But the problem is, if you have stick-straight hair you probably are struggling to make those styles work for you. And if you have naturally curly, wavy or textured hair, you're probably struggling to control your curl," says salon owner Rachel Gower.

Luckily, she has some solutions for both!

Naturally Curly Hair:

  • Start with shampoo and conditioner that's very moisturizing.
  • After you shampoo and condition, create a cocktail of products that will lock in your curls and hold them. Rachel likes Shu Uemura's Fiber Lift and Essence Absolute, followed by Cotton Uzu on the ends.
  • Once you have the product in your hair, diffuse the hair by very gently placing a handful of hair on top of the diffuser. Hold it in place for a minute or two, and release.
  • Dry all of your hair and you're done!
Hollywood Classic:
  • Shampoo and condition with your favorite products as normal. Then, add a thermal protectant
  • Follow with your favorite strong-hold mousse from roots to ends.
  • Dry with a round brush that's about one size smaller than what you would normally use.
  • Instead of sectioning the hair, like you would do for a normal blow dry, start at the very front part of your head, creating the curls with your brush and pinning them as you go.
  • Once all of your curls have been clipped, lightly mist them with hair spray.
  • Let the curls cool and then release the curls by unclipping the pins.
  • Finish the style off by finger combing and setting the waves with your hands.
Boho Romantic Waves:
  • Shampoo and condition with your normal favorite products.
  • After you towel dry, comb through the hair and spritz with a lightweight thermal protectant.
  • Add a curl enhancing product that's designed to create curl in naturally straight hair. Rachel suggests Sally Hershberger's Style Primer.
  • Do a quick, rough dry.
  • Next, curl with a curling wand, but pay attention to the curl patterns. You want all of the curls going away from the face.
  • After the curls cool, you're done!
Victoria's Secret Runway Curls:
  • Start with a shampoo and conditioner that will relax the hair (especially if you have thick or coarse hair).
  • Follow with a curl perfecting serum on towel dried hair.
  • Add mousse from root to ends. Rachel likes L'Oreal's Glossy Curls Mousse.
  • Use the biggest round brush you can find and smooth out the hair with a blow dryer.
  • Add curls with your straightener by twirling it around small sections of hair.
  • What you're left with is beautiful volume with a very loose sexy wave!
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