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Gatsby Trend

Fashion from fiction? Take a look at how Hollywood's remake of "The Great Gatsby" is bringing trends from the twenties into today.

To pull off this antique trend, stylist Ashley Allen says you have to look for some key details.

  • Feathers as accents

  • Ornate jewelry inspired by the Art Deco era

  • Lace detailing

  • Chiffon fabric

  • Neutral colors (the softer, more romantic the better)

  • Fringe (on hems, shawls, and dresses)

  • Deep dark blacks and ruby reds

  • Antique beaded embellishments

  • Vintage bags and shoes

  • Big, clip-on earrings

  • Long necklace of pearls or large beads

  • Tweed jackets a la Chanel

  • Pant suits and menswear

When going Gatsby, she adds that you can wear a little or wear a lot, but always remember to make it your own!

More information:
Ashley Allen
Stylist - Ash Tres Chic

Special thanks to Cheeky Vintage
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