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Four Hairstyles With a Flat Iron, Anti-Aging Injections 101, Get the Sporty Chic Look, Five Outfits with One Blazer, Easy Fast Smoky Eye

If you use your flat iron just to straighten your hair, you're missing out. Here are four different hairstyles you can get with your hair straightener. Plus, get the lowdown on anti-aging treatments and an easy and fast smoky eye tutorial. And, check out five looks with one cute blazer and how to get the sporty chic look.
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Segment 1
Anti-Aging Injections 101
Anti-Aging Injections 101
The anti-aging industry is booming with injectables that promise to get rid of wrinkles, but it's expensive and can be confusing. Here are some tips before you take a stab at youth-seeking syringes.
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Segment 2
How to Get The Sporty Chic Look
How to Get The Sporty Chic Look
When comfort is key, but a sweats won't do, try the "sporty chic" fashion trend. Here are some styling ideas from our favorite fashionistas.
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Segment 3
Four Hairstyles With a Flat Iron
Four Hairstyles With a Flat Iron
If you have a flat iron, there's a lot more you can do with it than just straighten your hair. Here are four different hairstyles you can create using your flat iron.
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Segment 4
Five Ways to Wear a Blazer
Five Ways to Wear a Blazer
If you don't have a great blazer, you need one! You can spend a little or spend a lot, but you'll have a piece you can wear in so many ways. Here are five fresh ideas for outfits from just one blazer.
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Segment 5
How To Do an Easy Fast Smoky Eye
How To Do an Easy Fast Smoky Eye
If you still haven't mastered the smoky eye, or just need a faster version, check out this easy smoky eye tutorial that easily goes from day to night!
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