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Flywheel Sports

You've probably heard of spinning -- or indoor cycling -- but you probably haven't heard of Flywheel. Here's why cities nationwide are buzzing over this workout.

"It's the music. The instructors. They're one of a kind. They pump up everybody," says Candy Morales, an avid Flywheel Sports client.

"It's nice to have that person there that's pushing me in ways that I wouldn't push myself," agrees Kimberly Shah.

Ryan Campbell says, "It's the best total body spin class you can take for your core, for your legs, and for upper body."

What sets Flywheel apart from other cycling classes is the music, services like free water, shoes and towels, and the sense of community.

There's also a proprietary technology called "torq" that collects data during every ride. The class can be set up so that clients can see on a screen how many calories they're burning, where they rank in class, or whether they can beat a certain person in class.

"Depending on your size and your effort level, you can burn anywhere from 800 to 1,000 calories," says master instructor Michael Wollpert.

Here are his suggestions for getting a great workout on your own spinning bike:


  • Find a resistance
  • Pick up the speed and sprint 30 seconds
  • Take one minute off and ride at a moderate pace
  • Repeat for the duration of the song.
  • Add resistance
  • Hop out of the saddle and try to accelerate against that resistance
  • Try 20 to 30 seconds out of the saddle and 20 to 30 seconds in the saddle
  • Incorporate jumps, hop up for eight counts, sit for eight counts
  • Repeat
  • Add a moderate or hard resistance
  • Stand-up
  • Do not bounce
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds while pedaling
  • Add resistance
  • Hover over that saddle, push through the heels
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