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Flamboyage Hair Color

It looks like big pieces of tape, but this new French method of hair coloring is all the rage and a surprisingly safe way to get highlights.

"Flamboyage is a highlighting technique that gives a more natural appearance. A little more gradual, kind of darker root with a lighter end, instead of a more mechanical highlight that's from roots to ends," says Mario Tort, owner of Estilo Salon and Spa.

You can go more natural or more dramatic, but no matter what your style preference, Mario says what makes this technique different is the application.

"First, we use an adhesive strip and apply it to the hair. Whatever hair fibers that are caught onto the adhesive strip is what we highlight," he explains.

After applying the Flamboyage strips and color to the entire head of hair, clients process. Then the dye is rinsed out.

"The adhesive strip is very lightweight, and when we're taking it off at the shampoo bowl, the water actually kind of melts away at the adhesive strip, and it just slips right out of the hair," Mario says.

This makes it safe for our strands!

For more information:
Mario Tort, owner
Estilo Salon and Spa

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