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First Class Dressing, Love It But Can't Afford it, Shop Like a Man, Secrets from the Stylists

Find out how to travel in comfort and style and learn inexpensive alternatives to the beauty products you love. Plus, get lessons from the way men shop and check out the secret tricks and tips from professional hairstylists.
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Segment 1
Fly Coach, Dress First Class
Fly Coach, Dress First Class
They're the runways we usually don't dress up for -- airports! We spend so much time packing, that our outfit for the plane is usually just up in the air. So, here's how to fly coach, but dress first class!
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Segment 2
Love It But Cant Afford It
Love It But Can't Afford It
Some of the best beauty products have some of the highest price tags. Luckily, there are comparable products out there for a whole lot less!
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Segment 3
Shop Like a Man
Shop Like a Man
Most women consider themselves expert shoppers, but it turns out there are actually some lessons to learn from the boys!
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Segment 4
Secrets from the Stylists
Secrets from the Stylists
Hairdressers have secrets, but they don't always style-and-tell. So, we asked a few of our favorite hair professionals to show us their tricks of the trade.
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