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Find the Right Gray For You

Find the Right Gray For You

For spring, gray is the new black but not every shade of gray is right for everyone.

Color Analyst Lauren Battistini says there's no substitute for a professional color analysis, but here are some general guidelines for finding the right gray for your skin tone:

Lighter skin tones:

  • Black can be over powering. It can add years and pounds to your look.
  • Charcoal gray is a good black equivalent.
Darker skin tones:
  • Grays need a little depth. Charcoals are best.
  • Do not wear pastel grays. They can make skin look uneven and washed out.
Blondes with light skin tones:
  • Generally are "cool" undertones
  • Pick light blue-grays or deep charcoals
Brunettes with olive undertones:
  • Choose medium or charcoal grays
  • Light grays can make you washed out
  • Almost always are "warm" undertones
  • Traditional grays don't work
  • Choose taupe, mushroom, khaki
For more information, contact:
Lauren Battistini
Color My Closet

Special thanks to Macy's for models' wardrobes: www.macys.com

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