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Fashion Show Cancer Benefit, New Beauty Products for Less, Camel Hair Trend for Winter, Core Ball Workout

See how one fashion show unites the modeling world with the medical world to help find cures for children's cancers. Then, find out which fabulous new beauty products already have less-expensive alternatives on the market. Plus, learn more about this season's camel hair trend, and how the core ball workout makes you less rolypoly.
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Segment 1
Fashion Show Cancer Benefit
Fashion Show Cancer Benefit
It's the heartwarming story of families affected by children's cancers and how the fashion industry is helping to find cures.
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Segment 2
New Beauty Products for Less
New Beauty Products for Less
Stores constantly stock new beauty products. If you're eager to try but uneasy about making a pricy buy, here are some budget-conscious options.
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Segment 3
Camel Hair Trend for Winter
Camel Hair Trend for Winter
Camel has always been a winter staple, but this season there are a few new ways to consider incorporating this throwback look into your wardrobe.
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Segment 4
Core Ball Workout
Core Ball Workout
It looks and feels like a basketball, but this core ball will bounce your body back into shape.
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