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Eyeshadow Application

If beauty is in the "eye" of the beholder, then we'd better spruce up our eye makeup!

Makeup Artist Sarah Tucker has four ways anyone can apply eye makeup to get out of that makeup rut.

For everyone, every day:

  • Pat, don't sweep, a neutral colored shadow all over your lid, from crease to lash line.
  • With a crease brush, add a darker color shadow to the crease and just slightly above it.
  • Blend that darker color with the neutral color so there are no harsh lines.
  • Apply fun-colored eyeliner to the upper lash line from the outside in. Go thicker on the outer edge than inner edge.
  • If you're comfortable, sweep eyeliner under your eye as well (to anchor the color).
  • Finish with mascara!
For those who like to experiment with drama:
  • Pick a bold, fun color. A Kelly green is on trend for fall. Cream shadow works well.
  • Using a flat shadow brush, pat and roll the shadow onto your entire lid.
  • Take a clean crease brush and soften the edges where the shadow meets your skin color.
  • Take a neutral color and apply under the brow bone to highlight.
  • Apply a deep colored eyeliner and mascara.
  • A fun, optional step is to add a light, sparkly powder to the inside corner of your lid.
For a multi-color look with a hint of daytime drama:
  • This is a great look if you love palettes! You can use any complementary colors in your palette, even if they don't seem to match.
  • Pick a lighter shade from your palette, but not the lightest. Pat the color onto the center of your lid.
  • Use a smaller brush and apply an even lighter color to the inside corner of your lid.
  • Use a crease brush and a darker color next. Spread the shadow back and forth in your crease like a windshield wiper.
  • Blend all three colors gently with a clean brush and apply a very light color under your brow bone as a highlighter (optional).
  • Finish with a soft, neutral liner and mascara.
For those who love a smoky eye, but have trouble doing it:
  • This look gives the intensity of a smoky eye with one color! Sarah loves Makeup Forever Aqua shadow. Pick a deep color with richness and impact.
  • You can skip the brush and apply cream shadow all over your lid with your finger!
  • Apply a little liner in the same color or darker to the top and bottom lash line.
  • Top off your look with mascara.
For more information, contact:
Sarah Tucker
Makeup Artist

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