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Eyebrow Planning

Beautiful brows can make a big difference to your face.

Throw away your tweezers -- there's a new must-have tool that'll wow your eyebrows.

"I've seen women look, you know, six or seven years younger with the perfect brow. The brow frames the face," says beauty expert Christi Harris. She's the creator of the Christi Harris Brow Planning system, the newest alternative to plucking, waxing, threading, and pulling. Plus Christi guarantees that her method is pain-free!

It all starts with drawing a brow map, a step Christi says most women miss when shaping their brows. Using her simple instructions and different textured powders, you essentially draw the shape you want your brows to be. Then, the key is to take the little serrated, blade-looking planer to slice and knick away hairs at the surface, leaving a perfectly shaped brow behind. The drawback of brow planning is the growth time. You'll have to maintain your brows a couple times a week because the hairs are cut at the surface. So, they grow back quicker than if you plucked them at the root. The benefit is being able to shape them with a big picture in mind, instead of individual hairs.

For more information:
Christi Harris Cosmetics

To purchase the Precision Brow Planing Tool, click here.

Special thanks to Michael Kemper salon: www.kempersalon.com

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