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Exhale Core Fusion Cardio

Exhale Spas have been popping up all over the country. Rebecca Spera dropped by one Dallas location to check out the Core Fusion Cardio class.

"Core Fusion is a very unique class. It involves two forms of cardio: interval training -- intense sprinting component and recovery phase -- but also it's a fat-burning class," said Exhale's executive vice president of mind and body programming, Elisabeth Halfpapp.

After some warm up, light movements and stretching, it's on to plank walks (holding an imaginary plank and walking your legs in and out) and plank runs (faster versions of plank walks).

Then, it's on to one-armed planks and one-legged planks, lower body moves, upper body weights, more running planks, lateral movements and abs.

Halfpapp says it's all in order to see results.

"There's been a change literally in their bodies, in terms of inches. So, long, lean thighs, high, round butt, flat abs and chisled arms, and all that's done in a cardio component class. If you're taking the class three times per week, you'll see results within three weeks or so," she says.

For more information:
Exhale Spa

Core Fushion workout videos are available at Target

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