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Easy Boho Braid How-To

If you love the look of braids, but seem to be all thumbs when trying to create them, here's an easy-to-do braid style that doesn't use any french braids.

We've had tons of viewers say they love braided hairstyles, but can't do a french braid, so Felicity Blake, stylist at Therapy Hair Studio, shows us how to do a cheater's french braid that anyone can do. This beginner's boho braid will get you from the gym to a hot date in a matter of minutes.

The Steps:

1. Split hair into four sections. Use your natural part from the front to the back. Then part your hair horizontally from ear to ear, cilpping each of the four sections to keep them separate.

2. Braid the bottom back two sections as close to the head as possible.

3. Secure with rubber bands, but loop the ends of the hair through the rubber band so they don't stick out straight.

4. Rough up the braids to make them messy, then cross the braids and pin them on the opposite sides of the head.

5. Braid the top two sections of hair as close to the head as possible and secure with rubber bands the same way.

6. Rough up the braids and pin them down near the middle of the first two braids.

For more from Felicity, visit therapyhairstudio.com.
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