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Duct Tape Beauty Accessories, Pin-Up Girl Vintage Fashion, Exercises for an Amazing Core, Magazine Looks From Thrift Stores

Beauty supplies from the hardware store? Yes, indeed. Don't miss the girly creations you can make from a few rolls of duct tape! Then, some modern day vintage vixens show us how anyone can wear styles from generations past. Plus, check out a workout that gets to the 'core' of our abdominals and learn how to recreate fashion magazine looks at the thrift store!
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Segment 1
Vintage Pin-Up Girl Inspired Fashion
Vintage Pin-Up Girl Inspired Fashion
If you want to put some vintage vibe into your everyday wardrobe, here's some outfit inspiration from a group of gals who love to live the pin-up life. Get some great vintage fashion tips from these pin-up girls.
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Segment 2
DIY Duct Tape Beauty and Fashion Accessories
DIY Duct Tape Beauty and Fashion Accessories
Think duct tape is just for home repairs? Think again. Here's how to turn duct tape into DIY beauty and fashion accessories, like a makeup brush roll, a clutch and even a pocket for your hair styling tools!
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Segment 3
Get Amazing Abs with These Core-Strengthening Exercises
Get Amazing Abs with These Core-Strengthening Exercises
When your core muscles are strong, it improves your posture and health, not to mention it gives you great looking abs. Personal trainer Dewayne Malone shows you how to build your core.
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Segment 4
Get Fashion Magazine Looks At Thrift Store Prices
Get Fashion Magazine Looks At Thrift Store Prices
Want that hot look you saw in a magazine or online, but don't want to spend the big bucks? Two thrift store divas show you how to replicate that amazing expensive look for less.
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Segment 5
DIY Duct Tape Purse Tri-Fold
DIY Duct Tape Purse Tri-Fold
Instead of digging in your purse for lip gloss or lipstick, keep it all in this cute tri-fold that you can make yourself out of duct tape!
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Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery: Vintage Pin-Up Fashion
If you love the glamour of vintage pinup girls, here's some outfit inspiration to bring it to your everday life!
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