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Dry Cleaning: Behind the Scenes

We take our clothes to the cleaners for laundering, pressing, and stain removal. However, we rarely see what goes on behind the scenes. Johnny Wilson with Pilgrim Cleaners shows us what he calls "dry cleaner magic" and gives us some money-saving tips.

If you get a stain on your clothes, bring them to the dry cleaners quickly. Most of the time dry cleaners can get the stains out of your clothing.


  • The most common stain is ink. A dry cleaner expert warns that using hair spray on an ink stain can make it worse.
  • Using club soda to treat a lipstick stain is a big no-no.
  • Do not blot or rub spilled coffee on your garment. Use a fabric pen for light and small stain only. And, be sure to tell your dry cleaners if you have treated the stain. Do not use a fabric pen on a 'dry clean only' item.
  • Do not remove labels yourself. Have your dry cleaner remove the label and sew it on somewhere else on the garment. Those instructions are crucial for keeping your clothes quality -- especially if there's beading, metal or even leather on your garment.
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