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DIY Bangs

Cutting your own bangs isn't easy, at least the first time. However, it's a skill that celebrity hairstylist Trey Gillen says can save time and money.

"The bottom line is bangs can be a sexy way to spruce up an existing hair-do, and do-it-yourself bangs are a great way to get more bang for your buck," he says.

Here are Trey's best tips before you try to trim:

  • It's not what you take off; it's what you leave on.
  • Never hold your scissors horizontally! Always point the tip toward the ceiling or at a 45-degree angle when snipping.
  • Have a game plan before you start. Know where you want your bangs to start, stop and end up.
  • Make sure your first snip is to create a guide and then use that guide as you cut the rest of your bangs.
  • Hold your hair between your fingers and always cut right beside your fingers on the opposite side from your face.
  • Pin back any hair you do not want to include.
  • Use small scissors or even manicure scissors. Smaller scissors mean smaller mistakes.
  • Check your work to make sure your bangs are even. Pull out small pieces from each side and comparing the length to each other in front of your face.
  • To soften your bangs, lift the hair straight up to the ceiling and make small snips to the ends with your scissors pointing toward the floor.
  • Practice makes perfect!

For more information:
Trey Gillen
Celebrity Hairstylist

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