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Designs by David Meister

If there's a red carpet, there's probably a David Meister dress on it. But beyond celebrities, this American designer prides himself on simple body-conscious silhouettes that make every woman look her best.

"I would say a David Meister dress is beautiful. It's simple. It's modern. It's sexy. It fits well, which I think is key. I also think a dress that I have designed has a sense of timelessness to it. Where if you buy a dress today, you can still pull it out of your closet in eight years and it's still going to be beautiful and be relevant," describes dress designer David Meister.

He's dressed Hollywood's A-list.

"Viola Davis is amazing. We've done Fergie. Very cool. Sharon Stone is probably my all-time favorite. She is like the smartest woman, and no one, no one, no one understands clothing like her," says Meister.

But Meister says there's one thing about clothing that every woman should understand.

"Do you feel good in it? That's number one. Because even if it fits you, but you don't feel good in it, you're not going to look good," he explains.

It's why he designs with comfort and confidence in mind.

"Ninety percent of the line is either knit jersey or stretch woven. I think that's so important because it's more comfortable, it fits more women, it wears well, it travels well, so for me it's really all about stretch," Meister says.

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