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DIY Nail Art

Do-it-yourself nail art is more popular and easier than ever!


  • Use a reinforcement sticker from an office supply store and place it right on the nail below where you want the tip to be.
  • Paint the tip white.
  • Let it dry a bit
  • Remove reinforcement sticker
  • Do one nail at a time
  • Finish with top coat


  • Place the same type of reinforcement sticker on the bottom of nail to create moon shape
  • Polish above sticker
  • Let dry
  • Remove reinforcement sticker
  • Move on to next nail
  • Finish with top coat


  • Take a pair of craft scissors that make a zigzag pattern and cut pieces of tape. The easiest way to make the pattern is to actually put the tape directly on the scissors, close the scissors, and then pull the tape off.
  • Place Charlie Brown tape on nails in desired pattern
  • Polish the accent area to create zigzag pattern on nail
  • Don't let dry too long. Do one or two nails and then remove tape.
  • Finish with top coat


  • Take two pieces of tape, criss-cross them to create an "L" shape
  • Put tape directly on nail so that you are exposing a little rectangle of your nail in the top half
  • Polish that top, exposed rectangle
  • Do all nails, let dry and remove tape
  • Then, go back and do the "L" shape with the tape so that the opposite bottom corner is exposed.
  • Polish that bottom, exposed triangle
  • Let dry, remove
  • Finish with top coat


  • Lay out several pieces of tape
  • Polish each a different color and let dry  this can take up to an hour
  • Then, cut the tape in strips, triangles, rectangles, any desired shape
  • Use tweezers and place on nails in design
  • Once you have all decals on nails, trim along cuticle
  • Finish with a top coat to seal the decals on nails


  • Take a clear polish and add two different sizes of glitter with a funnel.
  • Shake it up and polish those nails!
  • Glitter helps polish stick to nails, so a top coat is optional

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