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DIY Altoid Tin Beauty Kits

Stay beautiful on the go with these DIY beauty kits made from reused Altoid tins. Check out how to make a mini-sewing kit, a tin for false lashes, hair and makeup touch up kits and a custom lip color container.

Of all the beauty options out there, why Altoid tins?

"Altoid boxes are great because whatever is in it is protected," says Cecilia Kerr, salon coordinator at The Upper Hand salon.

All you need for this project are some regular size Altoid tins, some mini Altoid tins and magnetic strips. To make these sewing kit extra chic, Cecilia painted the outside with black chalkboard spray paint, which also allows you to label them.

Mini Sewing Kit

First, Cecilia shows us how to make a travel sewing kit. Starting with an empty mint tin, Cecilia added mini spools of thread, as well as needles, buttons, pins and a small measuring tape. She even printed a little cheat sheet of common stitches and glued it in the top of the tin.

Lash Kit

For this kit, you'll need one large tin and one mini tin. Cecilia popped the lid off the mini tin and put it inside the larger tin, making a compartment to keep items separated. After cutting container of false lashes in half, Cecilia places one on top of another and inserts it in the mini tin compartment. She does the same with single false lashes.

On the other side of the case, Cecilia includes a sanitation wipe, lash glue, tweezers, a small pair of scissors and a small eye brush. She takes the eyelash cheat sheet that comes with the false lashes and puts it in the kit.

Make Up Touch Up Kit

To make a touch up kit for a girl on the go, Cecilia again inserts a mini tin inside a larger Altoid tin. She breaks several cotton swabs in half so they will fit in the mini tin compartment, and also folds several tissues to put on the other side. Finally, Cecilia adds a package of oil-absorbing sheets, cut in half, and glues a small magnetic strip to the bag so the sheets will attach to the lid of the tin.

On-the-Go Hair Kit

Every girl needs a kit for imporant hair supplies.To make this kit, Cecilia starts by putting a magnetic strip in the top of a large Altoid tin for bobby pins. In a mini tin compartment, she inserts several hair elastics and uses the other side to put in smaller hair ties. To keep the hair ties in place, she puts a small round magnet over a pile of hair ties in the other side of the tin.

Custom Lip Balm Tin

Take your favorite lipstick, or one that's almost gone, and dig out the remaining product with a small spatula. Put it in a microwave-safe bowl to melt it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. If it's not all the way melted, Cecilia recommends continuing to mix it so the lipstick will melt itself. Quickly pour the melted lipstick into a mini Altoid tin and let it cool completely.

Cecilia does the same thing to create a colored lip balm, taking lip balm from a stick container, putting it in a bowl with some lipstick and melting it. After mixing it together, she pours it in the mini tin and allows it to cool.

Put the two mini-tins in a larger Altoid tin and attach a small spatula and lip brush to the lid by gluing a magnetic strip onto the back of the tools.

For more from Cecilia, visit The Upper Hand.

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