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We all have those problem areas and no matter how much diet and exercise we do, they just don't seem to shrink -- until now!

"We've been waiting for something that is non-invasive, safe, effective, also FDA approved. Now, we finally have that in our hands. CoolSculpting, developed by a company called Zeltiq, is a technique to permanently eliminate fat cells in the treatment area, using a pulled cryo technology," explains Dr. Richard LeConey.

It's a fat-freesing technology that focuses on trouble spots.

"This procedure is really good for people who are in their ideal body weight. We can treat the upper, lower abdomen, the love handles, the saddle bags, and the inner thighs, as well as the arms," says Dr. LeConey's wife, Dana.

"It works by applying cold at a very specific and precise temperature to a fold of tissue, and causing the fat cells in that tissue to undergo that process of eliminating those cells and removing the dead fat tissue," Dr. LeConey says. "It uses this cold technique that spares all the other tissue, so the skin, the nerves, muscle, is completely unharmed and only the fat tissue is affected."

The device uses a vacuum-like technique to take the treatment area and draw it into the machine using suction. The fat cells and the fat inside them then crystallize. That causes a reaction where the cell senses that it's damaged. Then the area becomes a little tender, a little sore, kind of like a bruise.

Dr. LeConey explains, "At that point in time that inflammatory reaction where the body has identified the cells that's damaged, it comes in with its little clean-up crew, so to speak."

From the moment of the procedure through the next eight weeks, these cells help the body recover.

"They go in, and start gobbling up all those damaged fat cells and carrying them away. They actually take them to the liver where it's all recycled. So, the healing process is really very much like the process your body goes through when it's recovering from a bruise," he adds.

The procedure takes one hour. There is no downtime. You can do just about anything you'd normally do. You get 30 to 40 percent reduction with one treatment.

The LeConeys say you can expect to see some results within weeks and full results after three to five months.

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