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Cool New Beauty Products

Want to be "in the know" about new beauty products on the market? Our expert put some of them to the test.

Salon owner Rachel Gower says, "One of our favorite things to do in the salon is to try new products. Once we try them all, we like to let people know about them."

Here are some of her favorites:

Jouer Makeup Palettes

Rachel says: You can have all of your essentials, your foundation, your bronzer, your blush, lip gloss, eye color and you can configure it any way you'd like.


Kat Von-D Shade Shifter Eye Shadow

Rachel says: The really cool thing about this eye shadow is it's kind of like a hologram. So it's a little bit different in each light& If you want a sheer look, then just apply it with the sponge that's provided. If you want a little bit more intensity, pick up your product on the sponge then spritz it with water.


Dior Addict Lip Glow

Rachel says: It's extremely moisturizing and it goes on clear and then immediately starts to react with your skin's chemistry and pH. As time goes on, it becomes more intense, but really it's only going to develop to your skin's natural lip color with a little bit extra.


Mai Couture Papier

Rachel says: It's unlike anything else on the market because it's actually paper! So, your foundation, blush, or bronzer comes in a little booklet of sheets.


Silk'n Face FX

Rachel says: One of the technologies proven to stimulate collagen, help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and reduce pore size and basically improve the overall tone and texture of your skin is an LED treatment. Now you can do it at home!


Rita Hazan Root Concealer for Highlights

Rachel says: One of the complaints that we hear all day long at the salon is about roots showing from over-grown highlights& This new product is a blonde's best friend.


Sultra Bombshell Cone

Rachel says: What makes this product special is that it has a grip technology. So when you wrap the hair around the cone it will stay where you put it, which will make your curl a lot prettier.



Rachel says: This skin serum is actually made from the oleander plant... Your skin will look younger overall. It helps with hyper pigmentation, pore size, tone and texture and it is ideal for the woman who doesn't want a big, long routine.


More information:
Rachel Gower
Owner - The Upper Hand Salon

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