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Wearing Colorful Makeup After 40

Many of us shy away from vibrant eyeshadows and lipsticks when we deem ourselves "too old." However, a little color could be the key to a youthful-looking face.

Urban Decay makeup artist Eric Jimenez says you can certainly pull off color after 40. If you follow a few rules.

"A rule for me is, start with one or two colors and work from there. The problem women get into is when they use five or six colors at one time," Eric explains.

Here are some of his other tricks:

  • Blend primer from your lash line to your brow.
  • Then, if you have any left on your finger sweep it below your bottom lashes to keep liner in place.
  • Concealer isn't JUST for under eyes. Apply it under the eye, above the brow, under the brow, down the center of the nose and right under the bottom of the lip.
  • Combine foundation WITH your moisturizer in your hand before applying for a smooth, sheer finish.
  • Apply foundation downwards and sideways so your pores and facial hair lay down and you get maximum coverage.
  • Pat your hands lightly over your face/foundation to make sure everything's pressed into the skin.
  • Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks and brush backward.
  • Find a neutral liner by matching it to the inside of your lip.
  • Apply blush to your lips for seamless color.
  • For one-sweep color, keep your face neutral then apply a sweep of bright, colorful liner or shadow under your lower lashes.
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