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Cold Weather Color Blocking

By now, we all know what color blocking, but pairing the right colors can be tricky when we have to factor in coats, scarves, gloves and boots. Stylist Alison Kahn has a rainbow of tips for us.

When color blocking, consider four different strategies:

  1. Monochromatic
    • The easiest way to mix colors
    • Wear one color in varying shades
    • Burgundies and reds are the most popular color combination for fall, just make sure they're tonal (all in the same tone)
  2. Analogical
    • Analogical colors are next to each other on the color wheel (ex: purples and pinks)
    • The perfect example of analogical dressing -- which a lot of the designers are doing on the runway -- is pink and burnt orange
  3. Complimentary
    • "Opposites attract"
    • A good example is purple and yellow -- across from each other on the color wheel
    • When you're going opposite sides of the color wheel, keep the colors both bright or both dark
  4. Triad
    • The colors form a triangle on the color wheel
    • When you're mixing three colors in cooler months, make sure you only pick one bright color and leave the others muted
    • Great look for the fashionista who wants to take risks; sometimes difficult for the rest of us to pull off
Other tips:
  • Two brights make a wrong in cooler months
  • Instead, stick to one bright and one muted colo,r or two muted colors
  • Shoes should always be neutral unless they perfectly match one of the pieces you're wearing
  • Accessorizing is fine, but color blocking is the accessory, so keep it simple
For more info:

Ali Marie Kahn, stylist

Clothes courtesy of Neiman Marcus and Macy's

Special thanks to Hotel Zaza

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