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Check Outfit with Sit-down Test

We pick out our clothes standing up. We try on clothes standing up. We look in the mirror standing up. But don't forget to consider how you look sitting down!

Here's some advice from some of our fashionable friends:

Rebecca Matthews - Wardrobe Consultant
You want to remember that when you sit down at a table, you are going to be leaning over so you don't want your top to be too revealing. Lean over in a mirror before you leave and be sure that it's high enough. When you're wearing jackets, you don't want them to gape too wide. So, the best advice I can give, is try it on the dressing room and sit down in it. Look in the mirror and see how you feel. You also need to be careful about what's showing in the back. I prefer to wear longer tops and jackets that cover the top of my pants. Nothing should be seen that is underneath."

Donae Chramosta - The Vintage Contessa
"When I want to look great sitting down, I start with a conversation piece and then I build from there. This necklace is vintage Chanel, totally rare, you're not going to see it on everyone else so people want to talk about it. It has the great Chanel No. 5 perfume that everybody loves and knows of. Then, I chose a sequined jacket to add some shine. It's tone-on-tone with black against the black. I went for just a cocktail ring and I also liked the fact that the cocktail ring looks similar to the tone and the Chanel No. 5 so it's all cohesive."

Emily Elliott - Wardrobe Consultant
"Have a layering piece, whether it's a pashmina or a jacket. What's great about having a layer is you can take it off. Add some jewelry -- keep it high as opposed to going low. It might hit the table and/or go in the food. My suggestion is always to keep your hair swept away from your face and go natural with your makeup."

Karli Gillum - Personal Stylist and Fashion Blogger
"Comfort and fit are two of the key reasons I picked this outfit today. For one, the dress falls exactly above the knee, which is perfect. Anything higher and you might be showing your skivvies. Anything lower and you might look like you're wearing a blanket when you're sitting down. Another great feature of this dress is the lace detailing, so no matter what you do, whether you get some water on it, maybe perspiration, or sitting too long, a wrinkle is not going to show. With any dress, you want to make sure the hem line is long enough so that you're not fidgeting and tugging at it all night. One last thing is to make sure you look good sitting down is the sit test! You'll know if anything is out of place if you're uncomfortable right away."

More information:

Donae Chramosta
Owner, The Vintage Contessa

Karli Gillum
Personal Stylist/Blogger
*Special thanks to Carrie Ann Boutique: shopcarrieann.com

Rebecca Matthews
Wardrobe Consultant

Emily Elliott
Wardrobe Consultant

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