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Born Again Vintage, Tired of Looking Tired, 15 Essentials for Every Man, Jewelry by Leighelena Navarro, BOSU Workout

Check out crafty ways to turn your clothes into brand new pieces and learn the tricks to camouflage tired eyes. Plus, get more on the 15 essentials every man needs in his closet. And, go inside accessory line Leighelena. Finally, find out more about the full-body BOSU workout.
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Rebecca Spera's wardrobe provided by Lot 8. For more information visit www.chloedao.com.

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Segment 1
Born Again Vintage
Born Again Vintage
Want one-of-a-kind outfits that don't cost a lot of money? Reinvent what's already in your closet with these vintage looks.
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Segment 2
Tired of Looking Tired
Tired of Looking Tired
When your busy life gets in the way of your beauty sleep, sometimes you've got to fake looking awake! Here are some tips that can help.
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Segment 3
15 Essentials for Every Man
15 Essentials for Every Man
What is the fastest way to get a sharp-dressed man? Find out the fifteen essentials that should always be in his closet!
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Segment 4
Jewelry by Leighelena Navarro
Jewelry by Leighelena Navarro
You can mix. You can match. With this jewelry line you can go exotic and classic, all wrapped into one.
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Segment 5
BOSU Workout
BOSU Workout
The BOSU stands for Both Sides Up, but this to this full body workout is many-sided!
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