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Blue is the New Black So Here's How to Wear it as a Neutral

Nobody wants to have the blues, but here's how to wear them. We'll show you how this season, blue is a neutral you can pair with practically anything.

Stylist and blogger Karli Gillum says, "I'm really excited about this season's blue trend. Blue's a color that plays well with others, and it looks great on every skin tone."

Karli says think of blue as the new neutral. Here are some outfit inspirations and tips:

  • All shades of blue are in this season, but cobalt blue is the star of the show.
  • Pair cobalt blue suede shoes with a leopard print dress. They're both neutrals, so it works!
  • The old fashion faux pas of wearing black and blue together& throw that right out the door! Pair your black and blue all season long. <
  • With some other colors you have to worry about the intensity of the colors you're pairing it with. With blue, you don't have to do that. Pair bright colors with muted colors.
  • If you're going head-to-toe blue, you want to make sure you're mixing textures and shades of blue.
  • For a simply classic look, navy is a great option.
  • This season, having the blues is a good thing. You can wear it head-to-toe or as a simple pop of color. Pick any shade you want!
For mroe from Karli, visit fashionbillie.com.

Special thanks to Dillard's.
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