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Beyond Baroque

Taking vintage pieces from the past and making them one-of-a-kind modern is a passion and growing business for one mother and daughter team. They're the vision, creative force and success behind Beyond Baroque.

"She's my best friend and she's the business behind everything. I'm the eye and the creative part and she's everything else. I couldn't do it without her," says Ashley Montgomery Lyon of her business partner and mom, Deborah Montgomery.

The mother-daughter team specializes in taking vintage pieces from the past and combining them with modern pieces in interesting color combinations creating timeless, one-of-a-kind looks.

Here are some tips for creating your own modern vintage looks:

  • Look for vintage chains. They have lots of character. Then, update with modern pieces.
  • Look for large pendants, stones, crosses, or pieces with unique detail that you can't find today.
  • Don't be afraid to layer pearls, groups of pearls and different colors of pearls.
  • Play with color! That's one of the things that make Beyond Baroque so special  the unique color combinations. The best combinations are soft, muted colors that act as neutrals.
  • Don't be afraid to mix, match and layer bracelets! Stick with a few bigger bracelets or several smaller bracelets.
  • When you layer necklaces make sure the shortest necklace is NOT the chunkiest. Always get larger as you layer downward.
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