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Better Your Blow Dry

Ladies, blow drying isn't just point-and-shoot. As much as we'd like it to be mindless, it actually takes some skill or these quick tips from the pros!

"Are you tired of blow drying your hair, working hard and getting little results? Or are you the girl that won't even try because you don't know what to do?" asks salon owner Trey Gillen.

Good news!

He and hair stylist Justine Piecuch offer these blow drying tips:

  • If you'll take 10 extra minutes blow drying your hair, you're going to get two extra days on that blowout and it's going to save you time in the long run.

  • Rough dry your hair before adding product! When you dry hair 90% before adding product, your hair acts like a sponge and absorbs more of the product. If your hair's wet, it can't absorb the product. It ends up coating the hair and makes it fall flat.

  • If you want volume, grab a mousse or root lift. If you want smoothness, you need a cream or serum.

  • When using a root lift, make sure to section hair by the inch and spray directly at the root, not just a wide general area. If you put in on the general area it's not going to do much for your hair.

  • When dealing with long hair, sectioning is very important. Take the time to section out more sections. You want to blow dry smaller sections and don't let wet hair touch dry hair.

  • Use two brushes, especially if you have layers. Use the bigger brush for the longer layers and a smaller brush for the top crown area.

  • For short hair, be sure to clip the top section out of the way. Then, use a flat brush to dry the bottom section flat. Use a round brush to dry the top section and give it volume.

  • A metal brush is best for molding hair because it gets hot. Boar bristle brushes will trap the hair and collapse a little more of that frizz.

  • For long bangs, start with your brush on top of your bangs (at the base), wrap hair around the brush from underneath, and pull the brush downward toward your nose and roll the brush up as you dry.

  • For shorter bangs that sweep over the forehead, blow dry them in the opposite direction and then push them gradually over so they fall over the face.

  • Once you're done with your blow dry, don't just grab hairspray. Trey like things like dry shampoos, spray waxes, ocean sprays and volume powders that can do the same thing that hair spray does, but keep it soft, modern, and fresh. If you need to grab hairspray, use a very soft holding one only.

  • If you're still too scared to round brush your hair, try Velcro rollers or hot rollers.

  • The first thing you need to remember with Velcro rollers is to start with dry hair. To really make Velcro rollers work, it needs to be warm, dry hair.

  • Use larger rollers on top of the head and smaller ones underneath.

  • Try not to take too wide of a section of hair to wrap because the hair will just fall over the edges of the roller. Instead, make sure you can see each the roller on each side of the section once it's rolled.

  • Once you have all of your hair rolled, lightly dust it with hairspray, just to get a soft hold and last.

  • Don't be afraid to brush out the ends after you take the rollers out. The set is already in there so you're just smoothing and polishing the look.

  • Remember, if you get your blow dry right today, you won't have to do it again tomorrow!

More information:
Trey Gillen
Owner/Creative Director
Tre Spa

Justine Piecuch
Jeffery Lyle Salon

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