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Best Ways to Cut Curly Hair

Best Ways to Cut Curly Hair

We've all gotten a bad haircut, but it seems with curly hair, the chances are always much higher. To prevent it from happening, we've got curl-cutting tips from salon owner Tamika Fletcher.

"When you're trying to get a curly haircut it's important that the person cutting your hair is familiar with your hair type. Different curl types require different techniques," says co-owner of Natural Resources Salon, Tamika Fletcher.

Here are some of her best tips:

Loose Curls

Some people say flat ironing or blow drying is the best way to cut curls. Tamika believes you should cut hair the way you wear your hair -- dry and curly or straight.

Start around the face by clumping the curls and snipping just a little bit at a time. This does take more time, but the end result is shaped hair that hasn't been cut too much.

Tamika suggests layers for long, curly hair because it's easy to have shapeless hair if all of the curls are one even length.

Choose your layers from the very top and side keeping the length in the back. It gives you shape, style, and it's easier to wear curls that way.

If you're not able to go to the salon and you really need a trim, there is something you can do at home. Take two small sections of hair and twist all the way to the ends. The whole goal here is to identify the thin part of the hair that needs to be trimmed. This is called "dusting off the ends". It's not necessarily a whole haircut. It's just a little dusting.

Tightly-Coiled Curly Hair

First, stretch the hair. Use a cream-base moisturizer, like Earth's Nectar Coconut Curls, to detangle and comb out. Blow-dry the hair while combing to stretch more so you can see all of the ends for cutting.

Divide the hair into sections and trim. Once you've trimmed, re-wet the hair so that you can see the cut and the shape of the style.

Cutting Locks

Not many people believe that you can cut locks without them unraveling, but if the hair is locked permanently you can. First, select a lock to cut. The first lock will be the guide for the rest of the haircut.

Cut one lock at a time because you don't want it to look like you've chopped the locks. Cut the lock at a slight angle to make sure that it's still pointed and natural-looking on the end.

Seal the end of the lock by twisting it back and forth in your fingers after you cut. This is something that people can do at home. One tip: make sure you have really sharp scissors. Dull scissors will actually fray the locks.

The "Lupita" Cut

What's great about this super-short cut is that we saw Lupita Nyong'o wear it for the Oscars, and we were all wowed. It's also a great style for a busy person, or a professional who wants to wake up flawlessly every day.

The first step is to decide where you want the low portion of your hair to be. It's better to use clippers to get a neat, tapered look at the nape of the neck.

The next step is to add a little bit of product like Earth's Nectar Coconut Curls (cream-based moisturizer). When you use cream-based moisturizers on hair that's super short and textured, rub your hand in circles on the head so you're actually creating more curl and texture.

For the back and sides of this cut, use scissors to trim.

For more from Tamika Fletcher, visit NaturalResourcesSalon.com.

For more from Earth's Nectar, visit EarthsNectar.com.
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