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Best His and Her Beauty Products

Maybe you've borrowed your man's shaving cream a time or two and he'll never admit it, but he's borrowed your body wash, too! Well, have no shame, because couples can share and share alike! Rebecca Spera shares the best beauty products for men and women to share.

Newlyweds Magen and Brad Cherry have been together since college. They share a life. They share a home. They share 'beauty' products?

"To me, a product is a product, and if it works, I'll use it," Magen says.

Brad adds, "I guess sometimes the packaging has a feminine flair, but when you're rushing around trying to get ready in the morning you look past that... so you go on!"

He uses hers, she uses his -- but they both kiss and tell! Here are some of the products they share, and you can, too!

She steals:

  • His deodorant
  • His after-shave lotion
  • His cologne
He steals:
  • Her hairspray
  • Her razor (just the handle, not the blades!)
  • Her sunless tan spray
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