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Belt It

A belt can totally change the look of your outfit in a cinch. Here are the rules for buckling up!

"Belts are great because they can add color to your outfit, they can change the shape of the dress, they can give you a waist if you don't have one, and they can define a waist if you already have a great one," says Erin Hill, manager of The Impeccable Pig boutique.

Here are some rules to really belt one out:

  • Use a skinny belt in the same color of your dress to give it shape.
  • Always wear a skinny belt higher on your waist over your clothes.
  • Wear two skinny belts together and buckle one into the other one's belt buckle.
  • If you have an hourglass figure, add a wide belt right at your waist.
  • Wear a chain-link belt at your hip bones, higher in the back and lower in the front.
  • Use a big, wide belt when cinching a sweater and make sure the flaps do not overlap in the front.
  • When belting a blazer, use a wide belt and button the blazer before belting it.
  • Do not belt a cropped blazer or one with embellished pockets.
  • If you have a straight figure or high waist, use a thin belt to help create an hourglass figure.
  • Add a belt to a dress with an elastic waist to give it a finished look.
For more info:
The Impeccable Pig

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