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Belt It, Pairing Patterns and Hair Color, One-in-Two Beauty Products, Blush-Colored Clothes, Miss USA 2004's Top Beauty Foods

Learn the art of wearing a belt and figure out how to pair patterned clothes with your hair color. Plus, discover dual-chambered beauty products and spring's flush-colored fashion rush. And, get more on Miss USA's favorite beauty foods.
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Segment 1
Belt It
Belt It
A belt can totally change the look of your outfit in a cinch. Here are the rules for buckling up!
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Segment 2
Pairing Patterns and Hair Color
Pairing Patterns and Hair Color
We consider a lot of things when we buy clothes, but our hair color rarely factors in. Here's the lowdown on pairing patterns with your hair's hue.
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Segment 3
One-in-Two Beauty Products
One-in-Two Beauty Products
We've heard of two-in-one beauty products, but what's the point of a one-in-two product?
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Segment 4
Blush-Colored Clothes
Blush-Colored Clothes
Spring-like shades of pastel pink and peach are reinventing themselves this season as romantic neutrals that can be worn year round!
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Segment 5
Miss USA 2004s Top Beauty Foods
Miss USA 2004's Top Beauty Foods
We can't all be pageant queens, but we can certainly steal tips from them! We sat down with a former Miss USA to talk about her definition of beauty.
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