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Beauty Spoon

Have you ever gotten to the bottom of a beauty product, but you just can't get to those remaining drops? Claudia Hoexter solved that predicament and turned a profit.

Like many of us, Claudia purchased an expensive serum, but she couldn't get that last bit out of the bottle.

"I realized, I can't be the only person who has had this problem," she explains.

So, she created a sort-of spatula-like solution.

"The beauty spoon is a beauty tool for women. It's used to remove the remaining product from bottles and containers," she says.

The spoon bends and fits into a quarter-inch opening.

"So you can probably get a week to two weeks' worth of product out of a bottle of serum," she says.

Use it on products with pumps, cut off the end of a tube, even use it for foundation.

"You can actually see where the beauty spoon is scraping the walls. And you just pull it out and voila! That's probably about two weeks worth," she says.

For more information visit www.beautyspoon.com

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